I have been in the photography world for seven years. After graduating college in 2020 is when I officially went "full time" and made this job my everything.

I started out shooting mostly families and seniors after joining yearbook and learning how to shoot manually with DSLRs.

When I shot my first wedding in 2016 I knew couples were the niche I wanted to pursue.


Having a couple in front of my camera, in any circumstance, is the best. Engagement sessions, anniversary sessions, at-home sessions, honeymoon sessions, etc.

But being able to capture true and authentic moments on wedding days is the highest honor and the purest form of my art.

No matter what the future holds, I hope to always have at least one foot in this beautiful world of photography.



My approach to shooting is all about keeping things natural and authentic.

But no worries, I will prompt and pose as needed.

LIGHT and TRUST are the biggest factors in making your photographs everything you want and more.

Light, to capture things the way you remember them best. Lighting can make or break a session or wedding day.

And Trust, that everything I do is intentional to create the best possible version of our time together.

I want you to walk into your session or wedding day with the intention of living in the moment and experiencing connection - I'll just be there to capture it and maybe pose you here or there along the way.





I am, if I do say so myself, an expert at helping clients who's initial email includes "we are so awkward in photos".

As much as I do try to set all of my clients up to live in the moment and prompt rather than always pose, I am more than happy to give you as much direction as you need!

The most beautiful and meaningful photographs are often just caught in the moment - so try to romanticize our time together and let yourself relax and have fun.

You're the main character.

Check out more in my answer to the "my approach" question.



I love to help with planning

I have always said that if I wasn't a wedding PHOTOGRAPHER, I'd want to be a wedding PLANNER.

Whether it be a session, proposal, wedding day or elopement, I am always at the ready to step in as much or as little as you need me to.

Seasoned planners will be able to do lots for you, but I recommend to always check in with me about lighting, ceremony location recommendations, how long we will need for each part of your day, etc.

I am happy to send over example timelines to any client who needs that visual aid, as well as create a photo timeline 4-8 weeks out from the wedding day.

All booked clients will have access to a private "wedding guide" page with ALL the tips, examples, and vendor recommendations.



Ummmm YEAH.

I love to travel.

Since I was about 18 I have had an absolute travel bug. Most of my travels over the past 7 years have been for pleasure, but I do absolutely love to visit new places for weddings and sessions. 

Some of the places I have traveled to for work include -

California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, New York, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.

Ask me about my bucket list locations - I offer major discounts if you'd like to fly me out to somewhere I've never been (US + international).



Weather can be super annoying - I feel ya.

But I truly always try to make the best out of the situation we are given.

For wedding days, this means having a rain plan. Being okay with getting wet, having a place indoors next to windows that we could shoot, or even choosing to do a bridal session to not have to stress about getting those "perfect" outdoor portraits on the wedding day.

If the weather is super super rainy or there are dangerous conditions for your session, yes, let's totally reschedule!

I typically reschedule locally if there is above a 50% chance of rain in the exact place we are shooting.

But if there is just a TINY bit of rain, or clouds, I always go for it. Especially in Georgia where things are constantly changing.

For travel sessions (when I am traveling to you), please plan to be flexible. With allowing yourself more time for this experience, we will be able to work around bad weather and shoot, for example, in the morning instead of the evening, or sometimes even the next day.



My turn around time -

Typically 2-3 weeks for sessions and 8-10 weeks for weddings.

It all depends on the work load of the season your session / wedding is in, and how much I am traveling at the time.

I am almost always editing things in order, so this means you'll be added to my cue once your day is shot.

I PROMISE, I will try to get your beautiful gallery to you ASAP.