35mm Film

35mm film is often described by the emotion or feeling it evokes on it's viewers, far before the list of unique characteristics it embodies.

Lovers of film describe it as warm, soft, gooey and nostalgic. There is a timelessness about it that resonates with us all, especially those who grew up before the widespread use of digital cameras. 

To get a little more technical, the feeling of 35mm film can be contributed to a few different things.

First, grain. Film grain is a natural result of the chemical process that creates the image on the film. This grain gives 35mm film a distinctive fuzzy texture.

In addition, film often produces rich warm colors, depending on the type of film (the film stock) that was used - much different from digital images straight out of camera.

And lastly, the softness. Film images are often slightly softer than digital images, with a subtle haze and faded blacks that can give them a dreamy, romantic quality.

Why is 35mm film so special??

Wedding flow + 35mm film

Adding 35mm film onto your wedding package means...

01. I will have 1-2 extra cameras on me, all day long, to use with my digital camera(s).

02. To get the most out of our film, we can't be rushed. Film makes both the user and the subject slow down, jusssstttt a bit, to take certain moments more slowly. If you are trying to squeeze way too much into your 6 hour wedding day, film might not be for you.

03. The more time we have together, the more film I will be able to shoot for you. Each 35mm film roll comes with 36-37 images.

04. Your film will be sent off to a lab to be developed, scanned, and added to your final gallery alongside your traditional digital photographs. They should equally stand out and blend in, as I model my editing style heavily off of the beauty of warm and timeless film.

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35mm film